Nikoya is a leading livestock feed company that is improving the efficiency, security, and safety of foods globally. Our first product is poultry feed. Nikoya was founded April 2008 to produce organic poultry and was reorganized in August 2010 to focus on livestock feed.

Nikoya empowers human health

Nikoya empowers people to eat healthier poultry that are produced with its natural feeds. Our feeds contain all-natural ingredients without pesticides, insecticides, or growth hormones. Poultry that are grown with Nikoya's feeds are healthier and better for families.

Nikoya prides itself on innovation

Nikoya continuosly develops state-of-the-art-poultry feed and continues to do research on new feeds and new feed additives to produce the best feeds for poultry producers in the US and around the world.

An exciting enterprise for investors

With chicken consumption growing and the cost of grain and chicken feed skyrocketing, chicken production promises to be a lucrative business. In addition, the health-conscious sector is growing, along with it the demand for cost-effective food grown without harmful chemicals or antibiotics. Nikoya poultry feeds will also tap new international markets, as Nikoya's higher feed production standards will satisfy even the strictest EU standards.

If you're a private investor, angel investor, or venture capitalist looking to provide startup capital or venture funding to a sustainable poultry feed startup or green agribusiness, you can read more here in our Investor Relations section .